Stand . . . in the Gap

May 25th, 2014

Heroes - Ezekiel 22:30

Memorial Day

Martin Luther - "Here I Stand"
Stand <> Our Culture

A Prophet from Nowhere? - 1 Kings 17:1Confrontation - Prophecy

The Context of History - 3 Kings (Saul / David / Solomon)

                             'Civil War
          Israel                                            Judah

     Jeroboam                                     Rehoboam
     Nadab                                          Abijah
     Bassha                                        Asa
     Elah                                            Jehoshaphat
     Zimri                                            Jehoram
     Omri                                            Ahaziah
     Ahab                                           Athaliah
    12 More                                       10 More

     722 BC Fell                                   586 BC Captured

Elijah' Stand - 1 Kings 17:1

His Name    His Land   His Style

Lessons from a Tishbite prophet

God looks for special people at difficult times.
God's ways and methods are often surprising - Isaiah 55:8
We stand before God first - Galatians 1:10
God answer when we stand

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