June 27th, 2016

☼  Playing God….. Jonah 4:1 

     ⌂ What seems to be wrong to me about what God is doing?

     ⌂  What do I become angry about?

☼  How Not to Pray ! …. Jonah 4:2-3

    ◊ Do I pray …or do I tell God what to do?

      ◊ 4 Great Attributes of God

            • Gracious & Compassionate

• Slow to Anger

• Abounding in Love

• Relents from Sending Calamity

       ◊ Bad prayer request…..

           ⌂→ What do you have in your life…that, if it was taken       

                   from you, would cause you to run from God?

 ☼  God’s Great Question? …..Jonah 4:4

           Isit right for you to be angry?

 ☼  Throwing a Spiritual Tantrum….. Jonah 4:5-9

             □ Building a Victim shelter.

             □ God gives grace and a plant!

 Am I happy about the wrong things?

□ God gives consequences.

            Conviction – Another Question….

 ☼God Answers …. Jonah4:10-11

             Are we concerned about the right things?

  God’s great concern for lost people.


 ⌂→  What seems wrong to you about what God is doing?

⌂→  Has God stepped in front of your idol?

⌂→  Have I built an idol of anger or despair?

⌂→  Is your identity built on something other than Jesus?

⌂→  Do I see people through the eyes of Jesus?


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