Culture….a new reality

September 13th, 2015

  understanding the culture ….I Chronicles 12:32

         → A question from Jesus…. Luke 12:54-56

         → A call for understanding …. Romans 13:11

         culture – is how and why people do things.

                                It is the behaviors and beliefs

                                characteristic of a particular social,

                                ethnic, or age group.


          How  culture changes….. a 5 step process


          The call to engage our culture ….. Luke 9:23


       the gospel and culture……


      The Great Offense…. Genesis 1:1


        The Ultimate Problem …. Genesis 2:16-17, 3:1-5


                role reversal ?


                 First Sin ← → 21st Century Relativism


              hopeless subjectivity


      The Tragedy of Self …. Romans 3:10-18


    paradox    created in His image ↔ independence


          The Jesus Culture …. John 14:6


 A Call to Countercultural Crucifixion ….. Matthew 10:32-34

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