Emmanuel, The Authority of God Is Alive In Us 6/26/2022

June 26th, 2022

Week # 4


Scripture Focus:

“And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” Matthew 28: 20b


Aim For The Week:

  • To experience greater intimacy through the indwelling Holy Spirit
  • To get a renewed vision for eternity that shapes the way you live and carry out His commission today


Main Point: Jesus will be with us to the point of His return

  • The purpose of this week is to show how our outworking of the great commission is
  • related to and shaped by the promise of Jesus’ return and how His constant presence is
  • Jesus promised HIs presence, provision, and power in order to aid us in fulfil His purpose
  • This assurance sends us out on our mission in full confidence
  • We can give ourselves completely to fulfilling the great commission knowing there will come a day when we will receive the “well done” from God The Father


Putting It Into Practice:

Spend a significant amount of time in prayer to gain the level of intimacy that brings confidence in Jesus’ promise

Have you put together a list of people in whom you could share your faith Are you prepared to become intentional about praying for this list


Prayer Focus:

"Ask the Holy Spirit to give us confidence in Christ Jesus”


Ask the Holy Spirit to give you confidence in the power, provision and presence of

Christ as He leads you to share your faith in Him with those who are lost. That as our

intimacy with Him deepens as we begin to look forward to the promise of eternity with God the Father. Allow the reality of eternity to motivate & embolden us to Go share our faith.

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