Jackie Robinson #42… Lessons on faith & character (movie audio clips included) - Bob Levin

July 17th, 2017

  • 3 strands unbroken


       Ecclesiastes 4:12


  • Guts to not fight

                Matthew 5:38-9

                Proverbs 16:32


         “Could I turn the other cheek? Could I take insults and humiliation

          without fighting back? I knew what it meant and it was frightening”


  • Parental legacy

                Deuteronomy 6:5-7


        “To my mother I owe the shaping of my early values, the

          inspiration and ambition which she gave me by the

          courageous life she lived for her children”


  • Ministry legacy

                Luke 18:15-17


          “I suppose I might have become a full-fledged juvenile

           delinquent but for the intervention of Rev. Downs and others”


  • In over your head

                Mathew 16:24

                Matthew 26:36-44


         “It brought me nearer to cracking up than I had ever been… I thought ‘to

            hell with Mr. Rickey’s experiement’”

  • Be a light


      Matthew 5:14-16


 “Each and every one of us was placed on this earth for a very special




  Jackie Robinson… sampling of awards


1947… Rookie of the Year


1949 … NL MVP… leads  Brooklyn Dodgers

                           to World Series  


1949 … NL Batting Champion - .342 avg


1962 … Baseball Hall of Fame


1984 … Presidential Medal of Freedom


         Played in 6 World Series, all with

               Brooklyn Dodgers …

                   1947, ’49, ’52, ’53, ’55, ’56


                Lifetime batting average… .311

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