Leadership Change - Mark Brauss

April 10th, 2016

☼  Together ……  Acts 1:12-14


☼  Change Point …… Acts 1:15-17


☼ The Horror of Defection…. Acts 1:18-20


          → The danger of deception.


            → There are consequences to our decisions.


            → God cannot be mocked.


God Decides …. Acts 1:21-26


            □ Qualifications


             □ When God Says No….


                  • Dealing with discouragement.


                  • God’s timing in your life. (patience)

 ☼  God Moves ……Acts 2:1-4


            ⌂  All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit.



⌂  All began to speak in other tongues.



⌂  All were enabled by the Holy Spirit.



☼  Bewilderment….. Acts 1:5-6


☼  Reaction ….. Acts 1:7-13


      3 Big Questions….


            ◊ Aren’t all these who are speaking Galileans?


            ◊ How is it that each of us hears them in our own language?


            ◊ What does this mean?




1. How is your prayer life?


2. How do you deal with discouragement?..... when God says no?


3. What is your relationship with the Holy Spirit like?


4. What fruit of the Spirit do you need more of?


5. How do you react when God moves in your life?

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