Power - Mark Brauss

April 3rd, 2016

☼Instructions … Acts1:1-2

        through the Holy Spirit → to the apostles

            disciple ← →  apostle


                                        qualifications (Acts 1:21-22/Revelation21:14)

☼Evidence …. Acts1:3

            many proofs …. I Corinthians15:3-8

             The Kingdom of God

     TheGift ….. Acts1:4-5

          Promisedby the Father.

            Command→ Wait!

  The Big Question …. Acts 1:6.  

  The Great Answer …. Acts 1:7

             Times& Dates


  Holy Spirit → Power = World Impact …. Acts 1:8

              Action→ Holy Spirit comes on you.

            Result→ Witnesses

  Ascension? ….. Acts 1:9-11


             Hisreturn…. Zechariah14:4  / Revelation 1:7


  How does this apply to me today?

         I am created to be in relationship with theHoly Spirit.

        Ineed to make sure to wait on God. 

        I belong to another Kingdom.

         I will have a purpose → a witness.



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