The Crisis of Truth

March 10th, 2013

Breaking Point  - John 11:45-46

Showdown with the Sanhedrin - John 11:47-52

◊ The Easter Prophecy (Mark 10:32-34) <------------> Caiaphas' Prophecy (John 11:51-52)

Death Plot - John 11:53-57

Defining Moments . . . about Truth

  • What truths have you been resisting?
  • What voices have you been silencing or keeping at a distance to avoid hearing what you know is true?
  • How has the Lord confronted you lately?
  • Have you drowned out the Holy Spirit with activity, or work, or relationships, or some other kid of escape?
  • Do you ignore the Holy Spirit, warning you to stop some behavior you know to be sinful and wrong?
  • How is Satan trying to destroy your life?
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