The Ultimate Authority

June 5th, 2022

Week # 1

Scripture Focus:

“…All authority in heaven and earth has been given to me.” Matthew 28: 18b


Aim For The Week:

  • To see the power of God manifested in your everyday life
  • To learn to live in greater dependence on God


Main Point: Jesus has ALL authority

The goal this week is to use Jesus’ declaration of authority to encourage us to move beyond feeling ill-equipped or unqualified to share The Gospel


  • It is not about us
  • It is about the power of the one commissioned us
  • See how before He commissions the disciples (us) He reminds them (us) of who He is and who has the authority to send them (us)
  • Fear and anxiety dissipate when we grasp and understand His authority


Putting It Into Practice:

  • Would you commit to praying about your role in the great commission and ask God the Father to help you rest in His Would you then consider doing some small or simple act this week in order to make your faith more visible?


Prayer Focus:

“Ask the Holy Spirit to give us confidence in Christ Jesus”


Ask the Holy Spirit to give you real confidence in Jesus’ declaration in today’s passage. To understand that despite your trepidations and doubts, He has authority over everything on earth including the non-believers you will encounter as you share your faith. Be open to the moving of the Holy Spirit and His gifting in you as He makes you aware that you are indeed commissioned to make disciples.

Here is a link to the passport for all 4 weeks

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