What do I do with my doubts? - Jim Villalobos

April 30th, 2017

Who has doubts? (Not Gwen Stefani; she had No Doubt)

  • The disciples - John 20:24-25, Luke 24:36-43, Matthew 28:16-17
  • John the Baptist – Matthew 11:2-3, Luke 7:18-23
  • At some point, everyone

Defining some terms:



                Certainty verse Confidence

What about James 1:5-8?


What do I do with my doubts?

  • Acknowledge your doubts
  • Process your doubts – know where they come from
  • Look for information and answers
  • Ask yourself – “What do I want to believe?”
  • Ask God for help. –Mark 9:24  
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