What is Truth?

September 20th, 2015

☼  The Great Question…. John 18:33-38

                The Great Answer …..

            To testify to the truth.

       Everyone on the side of truth listens to Me. 


☼  Disciples of Pilate ….our new Culture


          The 5 Big Questions of Life


            1. Origin: Where did we come from?


            2. Identity: Who are we?


            3. Meaning: Why are we here?


            4. Morality: How should we live?


            5. Destiny: Where are we going?


☼  The Parable of the Elephant ….. What Kind of God?


          Theism                     Pantheism              Atheism

        God Made All                  God is All                 No God At All


          Judaism                         Zen Buddhism              Religious

       Christianity                          Hinduism                    Humanism

           Islam                                New Age


☼  Doubt / Problems / Evidence ….. John 20: 24-29


      ●  Doubt →       Belief A           ← →        Belief B


                                  ► Each belief is an Act of Faith.

                                      How do you know your belief is true?


      ● Objections to Christianity ….


              intellectual          emotional        volitional


     ●  Evidence …. John 14: 8-11


            Truth is not relative but absolute.


Truth is discovered….not invented.


Truth is transcultural.


Truth is unchanging.


      ► The Concept of Self-defeating Statements


Blindness….. John 9:24-25 / John 9:35-39


☼  The Complexity of Love & Freedom …. John 14:6


☼  The Challenge ….. I Peter 3:15-17

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